I am finding that Nar-Anon can help me in all areas of my life, not just with addiction. My work is stressful and my many appointments require a tight schedule. This past week I had twenty meetings scheduled. Even after my reminder calls, some did not show up and a few called to reschedule. Things were not going as planned. I had expected my week to go smoothly. Before going to Nar-Anon meetings, working the steps and using the other tools of the program, I would have obsessed about how inconsiderate these people were. How dare they make a commitment and not follow through.

I am learning that I cannot expect others to have the same priorities as me. I can take care of myself by planning what to do and to let go when I am disappointed. I can let go of my expectations. I can acknowledge my disappointment, but I can also decide how I want to feel. Instead of feeling resentful, I can be at peace with things the way they are. I can look at the positive and appreciate the people who did show up and understand why some needed to reschedule.

Thought for Today: I will take care of me – my schedule, my feelings and my needs. I do not have to be tossed aside and I can be free of resentment and anger and enjoy my life’s moments.

“While transformation results in changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors, the actual process of transformation does not involve changing these things directly but instead requires a change in perspective—altering one’s core assumptions about the nature of things.”  ~ Marilyn Schlitz-Mandala, PhD