We believe addiction is a disease.

We believe it is a progressive illness that can end in insanity or death.

We believe it cannot be cured, but that it can be arrested.

We believe that addiction is a contagious disease; only one member of the family may have the problem with drugs, but all the others suffer from the effects of addiction – emotionally and sometimes physically.

We cannot control addiction, or the addict, but what we can control is our own lives. Although we cannot control or change our addicted relatives or friends, we can detach ourselves from their problems, while continuing to love them.

When we learn to do this, and concentrate on restoring ourselves to sanity and serenity, it can encourage the addict to seek sobriety. We discover that when we admit our powerlessness over the drugs and the addict, we shed a staggering burden.

In Nar-Anon, we learn the THREE C’S – we didn’t CAUSE it, we can’t CONTROL it and we can’t CURE it.

Having accepted that addiction is a disease, we no longer have reason to be ashamed or fearful of the addict or addiction.

Addiction is not a sin, nor a moral weakness; neither is it caused by a desire to hurt or damage others. It is a complex, three-fold sickness, which is mental, physical and spiritual.

Nar-Anon is not religious, but it is a spiritual programme for recovery and growth.