I have been in Nar-Anon for a few years and continue to be excited about what I hear and see at meetings. I love to watch the new members grow. The program depends on the growth of the newcomers as well as on the continued growth of long time members. I am sorry to see new members stop attending meetings as soon as they feel better.

My own spiritual awakening has helped me so much that I feel I owe it to the fellowship to keep coming back so I can share my experience, strength and hope with the new members. Nar-Anon depends on the attendance of all members to keep the fellowship healthy and growing.

By being a sponsor, I have gained guidance and tremendous wisdom from my sponsees. Being a sponsor is a good way to carry the message.

Other ways to practice the principles include being on a committee, to serve as program coordinator or meeting chairperson and to participate by making a telephone list for the newcomers. I believe that Step Twelve is about service. Carrying the message through service and practicing the principles of the program gives me the opportunity to help others. This in turn helps me and helps Nar-Anon grow.

Thought for Today: I am grateful that the long-time members were there when I walked into my first meeting. So today, I will practice Step Twelve and be there for the newcomers. This is the way the Nar-Anon program survives, and I believe I owe my survival to the Nar-Anon Family Groups.

“However many holy words you read,

However many you speak,

What good will they do you

If you do not act upon them?” ~ Buddha