Doing Service in Nar-Anon

The South African branch of the Nar-Anon fellowship consists of a multi-tiered structure in which a wide variety of opportunities exist to do service. Leadership in Nar-Anon are highly valued and members are guided by The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of service.

Group Meeting

Family support Group meetings generally meet weekly at a prearranged venue and time. Each of the individual Groups have autonomy over the structure they use to manage their meetings but generally consist of a –

  • Chair (facilitates the meeting, select the topic, guides the process, maintain order, etc.)
  • Secretary (responsible for collections, refreshments, refreshing literature stock, etc.) 
  • Group Service Representative GSR (represent the group at ASC level).

As the meeting grow, it might become necessary to split certain functions and create a treasurer service positions to better manage financial affairs.

Area Services Committee (ASC)

The ASC meeting is held in a central location within an area, to hear reports and to discuss regional and area matters that affect all Groups. These meetings are attended by the area officers, GSRs, and subcommittee heads. These meetings are open to all Nar-Anon members. Where multiple ASC’s do not exist, this meeting can function as a Regional Services Committee (RSC).

  • Chairperson – Facilitate the meeting, maintain order, set an agenda, etc.
  • Secretary – Capture minutes, plan agenda, maintain mailing list, etc.
  • Treasurer – Manage finances, disbursements, maintain records, etc.
  • Regional Delegate – Represent the region at the next level, report back on matters of interest, assists in new groups, etc. 

To manage the variety of service specific responsibilities of Nar-Anon, a number of sub committees exist accountable for specific functional areas. For more information on the service structure of Nar-Anon, see the Guide to Local Services.

Sub Committees Heads

  • Public Information – Provide information regarding Nar-Anon to agencies and the public, keep regional meeting directory, etc.
  • Hospitals & Institutions – Carry the message of Nar-Anon to hospitals and institutions that may not be aware of the support services we provide.
  • Member Services – Maintain contact with and support all group meetings in the area and/or region, etc. 
  • Literature – Manage approved literature, maintain stock, manage local sales, etc.
  • Events – Plans, organises and hosts conventions and events, etc.

Members of Nar-Anon are encouraged to get involved in doing service by starting in your local group meeting structure. Area service committees are open to all Nar-Anon members and take place once a month for ten months of the year.