I find that I have an amazingly self-centered disease. Being at the center of the world carries a lot of responsibility! I have to tell everyone what I want and what I expect of them. After all, how would they know what to do without me directing them? Knots in my stomach and tension headaches are par for the course when I am in charge and the center of the world. It is only natural that I become angry when so many people let me down after all I have done for them!

The Nar-Anon program has taught me that I can experience relief when I let go of all my imaginary control and my real anger. Now I have so much more time to work on my own changes that will lead to my own recovery.

My expectations and wants for other people’s lives are a source of anger that I do not want to pick up again. I know that when I write down all the things others do that make me angry, I find that many of them are things I do also! I want to get to work on my own recovery!

Thought for Today: I can practice the adage, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.”

“Anger is but the failure of a person or a situation to fulfil the function I have assigned to it. I can be free of the anger by releasing the assignment.” ~ Robert Perry