It was a leap of faith for me to start a Nar-Anon Family Group. The request to start a meeting had come from an unlikely source – my son, who is a recovering addict. He had been successfully following a twelve step program for a year. When the Twelve Steps were put under my nose, I was drawn by a strong desire to take a closer look. I decided I would appreciate a spiritual way to handle my life. Apart from attending a relatively new meeting on the other side of town, I knew absolutely nothing about Nar-Anon. I had felt completely out of place, as my son was now clean. I wondered why I would need to be there. Then, I remembered, I attend Nar-Anon meetings for my recovery.

I finally sought out a place to start a meeting. I was nervous, as I had never openly used the word “addict” or “addiction.” These words were conveniently tucked away, out of sight. How wonderful it was when I approached the person in charge of the facility, to be welcomed with open arms. She had experienced a similar trauma and said, without a doubt, that she would support a Nar-Anon meeting.

Many times, I receive calls from people who are considering Nar-Anon. I am asked, “What happens when I go to the Nar-Anon meeting? Do I have to give my full name?” No. “Do I have to give my address and where I work?” No. I tell callers that Nar-Anon meetings are a safe place; whatever is said is not repeated outside our meeting rooms. Sometimes that same person will phone back, even after a year and say, “I remember your voice and can you help me?” I have always been able to reply that our meetings are still open, anonymous, and welcoming. The Nar-Anon Family Groups survive because of our Traditions. The Twelfth Tradition is especially important as it protects our members and ensures our meetings are a safe place.

Thought for Today: The Nar-Anon program offers me a safe place because of the groups’ commitment to anonymity. I am grateful to do my part to protect the anonymity of all Nar-Anon members.

“Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles above personalities.” ~ Nar-Anon Twelfth Tradition