I am a member of the Nar-Anon Family Groups. My daughter is an addict who lives in our home and is working on her own path to recovery. I am learning to work the program for myself. One Sunday, as we prepared to go to church, our daughter was late. Since my husband likes to be on time, I became anxious, wondering how they each would behave. I made a comment to my daughter that she should get up earlier because this same situation had happened last week and that maybe she needed to work on her time issues. Immediately her cheeks became red and I saw that she was upset. I retreated to the bathroom and closed the door. When I came out, she said she was not going to church and she was angry. I told her that this was a trivial matter, and she should not blow it out of proportion. As we left the house, I began to worry. Could she be so angry that she would do something stupid? Would she try to get back at me? My old behavior has a way of rising to the surface. As I shared this with a Nar-Anon friend, she asked me a question: “What are you afraid of?” I said I was afraid I would cause her to use drugs out of anger and I did not think I could go through that again. I saw her behavior as an indicator of an upcoming relapse. My friend replied, “So what could you do to stop her?” She continued to ask me about my fears and then she explained to me that I should not doubt my Higher Power, who knows what is best for my daughter and for me. She suggested I talk to my Higher Power about my fears and move on with my life.

Thought for Today: Trust! Today I will do my best to stay off the fear train, because I know it goes around in circles. Today I will have faith.

Now that all your worry has proved to be such an unlucrative business, why not find a better job.” Hafiz