As a child growing up with seven boys, grandparents, my mother, and aunt, there was little, if any, praise. Everything I did or accomplished was dutifully expected of me. I learned to think of praise as false flattery. I learned that pleasing others should always be my goal. Doing otherwise was neglecting my obligations to my family and selfish. Pleasing others led me into relationships with addicts.

When I came to Nar-Anon, my understanding changed. I learned that subtle and real praise gently spoken could transcend and inspire people. By accepting and giving praise to others and myself, I could see a change. I felt positive feelings beaming from me as I spoke words of approval to others. I saw the same transformation as I allowed myself to experience and believe the praise I received from others.

In Nar-Anon, praise is the unconditional love I give and receive from others. Praise is now a part of my everyday life. I learned to give praise to those I love. I have also learned to accept it with a simple thank you. I believe praise is as essential to the spirit as breathing is to the body. I believe that everyone can benefit from praise. We can be lifted and inspired to conquer the challenges of life and to change negatives into positives.

Thought for Today: Praise is an expression of love and love is the divine force that connects us all. I will accept and give praise to those I love.

“Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.” ~ Pierre Teilhard De Chardin