Hello, Higher Power, I have been waiting for a miracle for nineteen years. What is the problem? I have attended Nar-Anon meetings, worked the steps, gotten a sponsor, been a sponsor to others, done service work, prayed and meditated but nothing has changed for my addicted loved one. At times, the waiting has been exhausting. I am so tired of doing what the program tells me to do. I want results now! I want my loved one changed and healthy. Waiting has never been easy for me but maybe it has taught me patience. In Nar-Anon, I learned how to wait. Program tools get me through the waiting process with peace and serenity. I say the Serenity Prayer and find acceptance. I use the slogans and I am able to be patient with myself, my addicted loved one and you, Higher Power. You know, Higher Power, during the last nineteen years I have also found many good friends in the Nar-Anon fellowship. They understand this problem of addiction, as others cannot. So today, I am no longer waiting alone. They support me when I am weary of waiting. They love me when I cannot love myself. They continue to assure me that there is no situation too difficult, and no matter what happens to the addict, I will be okay. I know today that with the Nar-Anon fellowship, I can overcome any unhappiness.

Thought for Today: With the patience and loving support of the Nar-Anon program, I can endure and persevere, however long I have to wait. Maybe the miracle in my life is not whether or not the addict finds recovery. Maybe the miracle in my life is Nar-Anon and my own recovery.

“Today, I will wait, if waiting is the action I need, in order to take care of myself. I will know that I am taking positive, forceful action by waiting until the time is right. God, help me let go of my fear, urgency, and panic. Help me learn the art of waiting until the time is right.” ~ Melody Beattie