Accepting Tradition Two into my family life teaches me how to detach from my grown children. Tradition Two states, “For our group purposes there is but one authority – a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants – they do not govern. “My role in the lives of my adult children is but as a trusted servant. I can guide and teach, but I cannot make decisions for them that they need to make for themselves. I can lead by example and share my own experience. I can offer guidance when asked, but I have to let go of the results and allow other people, even my own children, to make their own choices and accept the responsibilities of those choices.

Thought for Today: The best example I give my children is to ask for their help in respecting their decisions. It is not easy to remove the words, “You should,” “Why don’t you just,” or “If I were you I would” from my vocabulary, but by asking them for a gentle reminder whenever I start on that path, I let them know that I want to try to let them be. Removing these words opened the door for healthier conversations. Now my children know that they can come to me for guidance without fear of my attempt to take over their thoughts and their lives.

A power greater than any human being helped make this decision.” ~ Herbert J Stiefel