The important phrase in the Sixth Tradition is “never endorse, finance or lend our name to any outside enterprise.” As an individual who practices the Nar-Anon Program, I have the right to and am even encouraged to be involved in any enterprise that I feel is worthy, but not on behalf of Nar-Anon.

A Nar-Anon group should never engage in such practices, as it would take time away from the group’s primary purpose. Our meetings usually last only an hour or two. If the group were involved in financial ventures, it would leave little time for our members to work our recovery program. Our recovery is the program’s primary purpose and must come first.

The second concern is when a Nar-Anon group has much in common with an outside enterprise and lends our name to that enterprise. Even slight variances from the Nar-Anon program can cause confusion regarding the spiritual principles of our fellowship.

Finally, the Sixth Tradition also reminds us that although Narcotics Anonymous and Nar-Anon are closely related programs and often work together in the spirit of cooperation, we should always keep in mind that we are two separate entities. When working together on special functions, each group should be responsible for its own agenda and define it own responsibilities.

Thought for Today: Since many of us in Nar-Anon are prone to taking care of everyone else while ignoring our own needs, Tradition Six keeps the focus squarely where it belongs. By working in cooperation not affiliation with Narcotics Anonymous, we can learn from each other and celebrate our own recovery programs.

Our Family Groups ought never to endorse, finance or lend our name to any outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary spiritual aim; but although a separate entity, we should always cooperate with Narcotics Anonymous.” ~ Nar-Anon Tradition Six