Today I express my fears and know that my Higher Power will control the outcome. I am where I need to be. When I feel anxiety, I can focus on the slogan THINK, which reminds me how to react differently.

T – Thoughtful H – Honest I – Intelligent N – Necessary K – Kind

THOUGHTFUL – Before I act, I consider other people; I remind myself that everyone has the right to be treated in a kind and considerate way. I will try to anticipate only my needs and leave others to their own.

HONEST- This is one of the most important things I can do to change myself. I have come to know that honesty will help me get well and I trust my Higher Power to take care of the rest.

INTELLIGENT – I believe that intelligence has been a hindrance for me in this program. I have the need to understand why, how, when, where. My mind works with facts. With the disease of addiction, I keep trying to figure it out, read more about it, and listen to another expert. I now accept that there are no answers, that every addict’s bottom is different and none of it is my business.

NECESSARY – It is necessary for me to understand why the Nar-Anon program is about my recovery and me. When I finally accepted that Nar-Anon is about me, not about the addict, about my reactions, my feelings and my behaviors, I was able to begin the recovery process.

KIND – I have always felt that I was a kind, loving, caring, giving individual. I am now learning the difference between real kindness and enabling. It has been my experience that what I called kindness was for me, not for the addict.

Thought for Today: By using the slogan “THINK: Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary, & Kind,” I can change with the help of my Higher Power.
“Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.” ~ Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun