All of the Nar-Anon tools help me live day by day. The one that helps me the most is sponsorship. When I choose a sponsor, I slowly make a bond with that person, little by little establishing trust. My sponsor is there to help me use the Twelve Steps. My sponsor is there when I have a crisis. I can call my sponsor at any time and talk about what is happening. My sponsor knows my story so I do not have to start from the beginning. My sponsor shares her experience, strength and hope or sometimes a suggestion. My sponsor has become much more than a friend; I can tell my sponsor anything. My sponsor is like family, someone I can trust.

The other tools that help me are all my Nar-Anon friends, other members I have come to know from my meetings. They, too, have become like family to me. When I cannot get to a meeting or get in touch with my sponsor, I have the Nar-Anon literature that I read every morning. Many times, these readings help me through my day. Each page has a lesson of recovery for me if I choose to use it. Sometimes, all I need is a thought or slogan to get me through a rough spot.

Thought for Today: I cannot share my thoughts with most people, but as soon as I walk into the Nar-Anon rooms, I can feel the love and know that I will never be judged, just loved for who I am. When I use any or all of the Nar-Anon tools available to me, I can find the peace and serenity that seemed so elusive in the past.

“Chance makes our relatives, but choice makes our friends.” ~ Jacques Delille