I need constantly to remind myself that the addict did not need my help when he decided to use drugs, and he does not need my help to stop. Therefore, I need to detach if we are both to survive the insanity of addiction. Nar-Anon tells me that the efficacy of faith can be demonstrated only when I let my overwhelming problems go, and let a Power greater than myself (who I choose to call God) take over. I am ready to lay my burden at God’s feet. I am too tired to continue down the same old path. I know that I must stay strong for the addict’s sake, and let him suffer the consequences of his actions and seek his own recovery. I know if I do not break his pattern of coming to me for help all the time, he will never recover. Every day, I realize increasingly that it is okay to stand back and do nothing. Inaction is okay! I know that when I consciously surrender my will to my Higher Power’s will, I can see faith at work in my life. I can take comfort in unwavering faith, for without it I am helpless and alone.

Thought for Today: A thought for all other newcomers like me to consider: I believe there is hope. I believe that I am a work in progress and God is not finished with the addict in my life or with me. I have not arrived yet, but one day I will if I keep working the Twelve Steps and keep coming back, because the program works.

“Our history is not our destiny.” ~ Alan Cohen