I decided that I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I came to realize that the addict and I were killing ourselves – she by using drugs and me with my worry, anger and fear. I realized that the First Step of the Nar-Anon message was indeed true. I have no control over the addict and my life was out of control. What a difference this one simple concept began to make in my life. I did not have to continue down this path of destruction.

I began to realize that it is useful to write down my thoughts, feelings, desires, and my sadness in dealing with addiction, and my victories over it. I am learning not to have expectations of others; that way disappointments will not follow. The changes that I see in myself and others who regularly attend the meetings are huge. I marvel at the transformation that has taken place in my outlook on life.

Thought for Today: Steadily, I listen, soul search, and realize the meaning of each step, apply it and then go to the next step. If I slip, I go back and start over. I have found that going back and starting over gets easier each time.

“By working the steps, following the traditions and using the tools of the program, we begin, with the love and help of our Higher Power and others, to change ourselves.” ~ Nar-Anon Blue Booklet