I see Step Ten as a tool to use daily to help me keep the benefits of my recovery. It allows me to keep my life free of the emotional garbage and enjoy the treasures. When I look at my life daily, I admit I am not perfect, I am reminded of my humanity, and I let go of the guilt of my mistakes so I can enjoy my accomplishments. I had been attending Nar-Anon for many years before I finally experienced peace and serenity, and now I want to maintain it.

During the early years of my recovery, I repeated Step One often. I was still focusing on the addict. When I finally surrendered and accepted my powerlessness over the addict, I began to experience my own recovery. I am now able to recognize my own insanity and turn to my Higher Power for help. I received the courage to take my own inventory and I saw more improvements in my life as I worked on my shortcomings and character defects. I started dealing with the junk and clutter of my past, fixing it, or letting it go.

Step Ten is important because I do not want my life to fill-up with that junk again. I believe if I take a few minutes every day to look at my activities, good and bad, I can either make amends or enjoy them or let them go. I do not have to punish myself with obsessive worry. Daily inventory allows me to free myself from a false sense of guilt and maintain the progress I have made. I do not have to hang onto the rubbish of the past, even for one day. I can deal with it daily and maintain my peace and serenity.

Thought for Today: I will deal with my mistakes and achievements daily. I will make amends immediately, where necessary, and enjoy my accomplishments. In this way, I will maintain my peace and serenity.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” ~ Auguste Rodin