Step Six is an action step. It teaches me it is time to slough off the old, to apply the new. I once heard someone use the illustration of buying a brand new leather coat and then slipping the old, worn, patched up corduroy blazer over the top, because it was familiar. I believe that I have to try to let go and let my Higher Power provide me with a new coat.

As I prepare and work the Sixth Step, I must remember to allow my old habits – perfectionism, chaos, self-doubt, and fear – to fall away. In this way, I allow my Higher Power to reveal new habits – forgiveness, acceptance, contentedness, and gratitude. I know that loneliness will not reign and depression will not get a foothold when I accept and use my new habits. Soon, I will know joy every day. It will come from within. It will not be tied up in external approval or recognition. I am not this person yet, and I accept that the process will take time and diligence, compassion and trust.

After years of practice, I still want things to be my way, but as I hand my life over to my Higher Power each day, I notice that changes are taking place within me.

It is why I recognize the loneliness now instead of being frustrated by it. It is why I know I can make a different choice next time, instead of wallowing in a mistake. It is how I know that I will not be in chaos forever. That is the only way to survive the discomfort of growth and the pain of change. I believe that the person my Higher Power is lovingly creating me to be is better than the person I am today.

Thought for Today: Hope exists even in the deepest valleys and caverns of despair. Its light guides me to higher ground. When I keep myself open to change, change happens. Slowly, a new person emerges… change is taking place.“Suppose you wanted to talk to the stars, and you succeed, but it turned out the stars themselves are not on speaking terms.” ~ John Brunner, The Infinitive of Go