The addict in my life was redecorating his bedroom and picked a color for the walls. I questioned, “Since he’s always stoned, how would he know what color to choose?” I stepped in, chose and bought a different, lighter color that I considered more appropriate for his room.

Arrogance makes me think not only that my decorating color scheme is superior, but that my thoughts and beliefs are more important than the thoughts and beliefs of others, that my life has more credence than the lives of others.

In the past, my arrogance made me think that my way was the best way and the only way for everyone. Now, when I start thinking this way, I practice Step Seven and humbly ask for my arrogance to be removed. Without arrogance, I can accept others’ thoughts and beliefs and know that ultimately their feelings are their own. Humility allows me to respect the thoughts, beliefs and feelings of others, especially those of the addict.

Thought for Today: This newly found relationship with myself has opened up a whole new world of joy for me that had been previously overshadowed. My priorities are finally in line. I am humbly human.

“It is what we learn after we know it all that really counts.” ~ Unknown