When I take Step Seven, I become humble and willing to accept my Higher Power’s help. I come to believe that everything is happening, as it should be. I trust in my Higher Power’s plan and ask that my shortcomings and doubts be removed. Below is the meditation that helps me achieve acceptance, peace and serenity:

Beyond my mind’s ability to grasp, may my soul know and remind me that those things that are beautiful or ugly, the addict’s sensitivity and his crazy drug addiction, are all part of my Higher Power’s world.

That life is precious and fleeting and I can look beyond what bothers me, and that everybody has the potential to learn and change in their own way and at their own pace.

May I be my Higher Power’s instrument of peace – more open and supportive, helping others and myself to realize our potential.

May I be healthy and creative, free from danger and sorrow. If sorrow comes, may I turn my suffering to compassion.

May my compassion for others go beyond the sympathetic self-pity that makes me lose myself.

May compassion for myself turn my mistakes into lessons, pushing me beyond my fears and limitations always considering my limitations wisely.

May I be kind and considerate towards difficult people giving them time and space, honoring their humanity.

May I learn to receive well even if it is not exactly what I want.

May I rejoice wholeheartedly in others’ happiness.

May I accept things as they are.

May I be open and balanced.

May I find serenity, equanimity and peace.

Thought for Today: I will accept things as they are, recognize my shortcomings and humbly ask for my Higher Power’s help.

“Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life.” ~ George Arliss