I came to Nar-Anon confused and anxious to get my addict into recovery. This, I had decided, was the answer to all our problems. I listened to the readings and heard there were steps we needed to take in order to “work this program.” That sounded simple enough – I needed to admit that my addict had a problem and then I would have my spiritual awakening.   Then after having this spiritual awakening, our family would be back to normal.

The world today seems to be in fast forward. That is how I lived my life before coming to Nar-Anon. Always in a hurry to get things done, always in a hurry to solve everyone’s problems, never wanting anyone to have to suffer any consequences. I soon learned that consequences teach us lessons, and that I needed to learn those lessons right along with the addict. I embraced the program and worked the steps according to my Higher Power’s plan for my life. I found that I could not skip from Step One to Step Twelve without working all the steps in between. I am a work-in-progress and even though I have had my spiritual awakening, I will never be finished with my Nar-Anon program. For me, change can only come slowly.

Thought for Today: Because of the addict, I now have a program for helping me to become a healthier person. “I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it.”

“When I slow down long enough to smell the roses, I usually see the beauty and all else that is ours to share.” ~ Morgan Jennings