Nar-Anon has many slogans. Many of them are clichés that I have heard before I even knew about the program. Before I was in Nar-Anon, I never took them seriously. Today I am finding these simple slogans can help me deal with difficult situations. They are simple but powerful phrases that help me to remember some very important Nar-Anon principles. As one member expresses in the following poem:

Calm my spirit, calm my mind,

Know my Higher Power will lead the way,

Remember “Easy Does It,”

I can do it “Just for Today.”

“Let Go and Let God,”

“One Day at a Time,”

I can “Listen and Learn,”

If I “Keep an Open Mind.”

When I put “First Things First,”

I can “Live and Let Live,”

Don’t forget to “Keep it Simple,”

Slogans have so much to give.

Just “Think,” “How Important is It?”

As I seek serenity,

Although my Higher Power will lead me through this,

“Let it Begin With Me.”

Thought for Today: I will try to remember and practice the slogans of the Nar-Anon program. They serve as gentle guides that help me choose new reactions to old problems and situations. They are helping me make better choices. They also help me deal with fear that can often cloud my judgment and prevent me from having the courage to change myself for the better.

“Slogans are the railings we hold onto as we climb the steps.” ~ Unknown