• God – my Higher Power, the one I petition to help me through the darkness that envelopes me;
  • Grant me the Serenity – allow me to have serenity, a disposition free of tension and anxiety or negative emotions, the shining light that relieves me of my stress;
  • To accept the things I cannot change – to tolerate with dignity the things I cannot change: that addiction is a disease which makes the addict lie and steal, that she is killing herself and she is still refusing to seek help;
  • Courage – allows me to face the difficulties in my life without showing fear, having faith and hope;
  • To change the things I can – my own anger and anguish, my impatience, my controlling nature, to stop enabling and set boundaries;
  • And the wisdom to know the difference – the knowledge with common sense and insight to know what I can change and what I cannot change. I can change the way I react to adversity with patience and understanding. I cannot change another’s behavior. I can change my anger into acceptance. I cannot change the addict.

True serenity will come when I realize that I must take care of myself. I can only change myself. I can control only my actions and reactions with the help of my Higher Power.

Thought for Today: Now I know that if I am angry, then it is me who is allowing myself to be angry. If I have the serene feeling that I seek, then it is me who is allowing me to be serene.“With the help of my Higher Power I shall accept what I cannot change with courage, dignity and good humor.” ~ One Day at a Time in Al-Anon