The first time I heard about self-care was in a Nar-Anon meeting. I never knew what it meant to take care of myself. At home, I was taught to put everyone else first, especially my younger siblings. It was my responsibility to care for them. I love what Nar-Anon is teaching me about self-care. Self-care today means to care for myself first. When I do that, I become a better person and I have more energy to be available to others.

I thought my responsibility was to take care of my ex-husband. Through Nar-Anon, I learned that I was not allowing my ex-husband to be responsible for taking care of himself. In the meantime, my five-year-old son was caring for himself. It was not until one of his teachers pulled me to the side to let me know of my neglect that I saw the truth. That is when I sought help.

A professional told me about Nar-Anon. I called him back later and thanked him. I began to take care of my son and myself. Now eleven years later, another son and a fiancé, things are a lot different. I continue to take care of myself, even when it becomes challenging.

Thought for Today: Now when I come home from work, I go to my room and unwind, instead of going straight to the kitchen. When I wake up in the morning, I talk to my Higher Power first before I talk to anyone. I exercise and read my literature daily.

“If I must love my neighbor as myself, it is at least as fair to love myself as my neighbor.” ~ Nicholas de Chamfort