I went to my yoga class today. My yoga class has a therapeutic approach, where the instructor formulates the exercises, stretches and poses based on the discomfort that each student is experiencing. The instructor asks each person how they are feeling, spiritually, emotionally and physically. He checks in with each student, and when it was my turn, I told him that I felt completely at peace. Today, the past feelings of anxiety, fearfulness and pain are gone. As I meditated, I could remember those trying times, but they passed effortlessly, as quickly as they entered my mind, without upsetting me or sending me into a tailspin of trying to fix the impossible. No more “if only,” no more “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”Because of the Nar-Anon program and years of practicing “letting go” and turning my loved ones over to the care of their Higher Power, I am able to enjoy this peaceful state of mind. Being active in Nar-Anon meetings and service has given me hope, peace and serenity. Through the sharing at meetings and the literature, I am learning how other members have changed their lives. With the loving support of my Nar-Anon family and the help of my Higher Power, I have been able to change my life. First, I had to see recovery in action, in others, to know it was possible. Then, as I worked the steps and practiced the principles, I felt the change in me. What a gift! I welcome the newcomer because I know the program works. All I need to do is work the steps and trust in my Higher Power. I believe my Higher Power will guide me in the direction I need to go. I am also learning that in order to keep what I have, I need to share it with others.

Thought for Today: I will suggest to a newcomer that they come to at least six meetings before they decide if Nar-Anon is right for them. I will share with them how I have experienced the gifts of the program.

Those who try to hang on when God is trying to move on will always be miserable” ~ Joyce Meyer