I came to Nar-Anon expecting a quick fix for my problems. I soon found that it does not happen that way. I did not get instant recovery, but I learned to be grateful for the lessons the program has given me. One thing I am learning from this program is patience, which is defined as “the ability to endure waiting or delay without becoming annoyed or upset and to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.” It takes time – time to learn, time to grow, time to accept the changes. Nar-Anon allows me the time I need to do things at my own pace. No one tells me I should move faster. No one scolds me for not learning my lessons a little sooner. I know that I will make mistakes, but I also know that I will continue to learn and grow with the help of my program, my group and my Higher Power.

Thought for Today: I know that I have peace and serenity that comes with working this program, which I never want to give up. I know that there will be rough times and I will falter, but it is okay. I want to accept my part, learn my lessons and move on.

“There are different types of patience: the patience of being indifferent to the harm inflicted by others, the patience of voluntarily accepting hardship, and the patience developed through reasoned conviction in the Dharma.” ~ Dalai Lama