Since joining Nar-Anon, I have learned many things. I have learned that many wonderful people are like me. Many of us were trained from an early age to take care of others. Therefore, it was not surprising when I started doing the same thing with my son. I had no consistent boundaries. He learned that if he yelled at me loud enough and long enough, I would usually change my mind. I worried about what he did and did not do and eventually took on the responsibility of doing everything for him. Through years of difficulties, and with the fear of what might happen if he was left to fend for himself, I became obsessed with my son and his problems. While reading the Nar-Anon literature and listening to other members, I learned that I was not allowing my son to experience the consequences of his own actions. As hard as it has been, I am detaching with love and letting him choose his own path. I have found that as I have changed for the better, so has my son. Thank you, Nar-Anon!

Thought for Today: Today I will not take on jobs that others can do for themselves. I will spend my time working on tasks that are important to me.

“So many gifts await us when we accept the program and its principles. We dispense with the baggage of the past. We learn to live this day only. And we come to believe that there is a power greater than ourselves that has us and everything in our lives under control.” ~ Karen Casey