I have always wanted to belong to something or to someone, or to have someone belong to me. This longing and desire was the driving force that propelled me to seek to be accepted and to fit in. I was confused, isolated, and lost. I existed to please others. The funny thing is the very secrets that I protected belonged to the addict. They are the things that separated me from a healthy lifestyle. Secrets killed my recovery program and distanced me from others. I could no longer hide and pretend that I was okay. Through the shared experience of the Nar-Anon meeting, a new awareness of me has emerged. I do not seek to feel accepted; now I am accepted. I know, because I accept myself. When I hear feelings honestly shared in a meeting, the passion of that honesty opens the door for healing, not only for the one sharing, but also for me as I, in turn, am inspired to truthfully share my thoughts. I connect, I experience empathy and I understand others, but, more importantly, I understand myself. This is my Higher Power at work. I come to meetings to recover trust in myself. I am excited and motivated to change. Today I have more energy. My hidden layers are peeling away. I finally can see the light of my higher self. My top priority is for living a healthy life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I like myself better now. I have a new, more interesting relationship with myself. I trust my spiritual intuitions to guide me down the recovery path of new choices.

Thought for Today: Honesty gives me the gift of a serene, connected life of freedom and choice. I am grateful for the unconditional love and support of my Nar-Anon home group. I feel their healing energy and I give back. I am honestly connected to the Nar-Anon way.

“Listening is a gift to ourselves.” ~ Karen Casey