I wrote this poem in the early days of my frustration and confusion that came from trying to deal with the craziness of our addicted son. I was so angry because of the stress, and I was filled with resentment. I felt a regular teen was difficult enough to raise.

No Harmony There is no harmony in the way he plays us. He is young and took no lessons; it comes naturally. There is no guile. He does not know the strength of his song. He does not know that every child in search for his own way sings the same clanging, weeping song of torturous disharmony that tears and pulls at one or the other. His parents should stand strong, together, with the same chorus of standards that should be known. It’s not his fault they know no song to sing in rounds or rhyme. At times of stress, she sings LOUD and is a clanging, repetitive sour note who thinks she is a righteous tone until he cringes, pulls back and groans, tone deaf, out of time with her song of sorrow, one lonely note with infinite possibilities. ALONE NO HARMONY

Thought for Today: Thanks to the Nar-Anon program, my harmony is restored. Surrendering my self-righteous attitude, thoughts of blame and the need to be right, frees me of the feelings of anger, sorrow, frustration, and despair.

“Live and Let Live.” ~ Nar-Anon Twelve Step Slogan