I was on the freeway recently when the interchange between freeways came up suddenly. I realized I was in the wrong lane and I missed my exit. I would have been able to change lanes in plenty of time but I missed the signs.

Signs are all around me, but it is easy to miss them. When my daughter’s life began to unravel, I started seeking the reasons, but I did not know what to look for. I could not believe that she would ever get involved with drugs, and so I missed the signs. It was not until I found an envelope of white powder that I realized there was a drug problem. A few weeks after my discovery, she wound up in jail.

A friend told me about Nar-Anon, and my husband and I went to our first meeting. We had begun to recognize the fact that we had missed some important signs and thus some opportunities for change. I began to see how I had become so wrapped up in her addiction, and how necessary it was to begin to change my life. I needed to let her run her own life, make her own mistakes, and suffer her own consequences. I am learning to turn her over to her Higher Power, so we all can get on with our own lives.

Thought for Today: My life deserves my attention. I can watch for the signs that will let me know that I am focusing on another’s life and their problems while neglecting my own. Focusing on me is similar to driving in the appropriate lane for the turns I must make to find serenity and peace of mind.

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.” ~ Ivy Baker Priest