For some reason, my Higher Power has decided to put a variety of addicts in my life. Not only my immediate family suffers from addiction, but also other relatives, friends and acquaintances. I felt my job was to make them all well. Each time a new addict came along, I took it as my personal responsibility to fix them. In my thinking, they needed to know about the Twelve Steps, they needed to know about our program and the Narcotics Anonymous program and meetings. I had them ready for recovery, commitment and service. All they had to do was follow my plan. The problem was that my plan did not work when I tried to apply it to others.

When I start taking control, my Higher Power seems to let me know, gently at first, that I should not be getting involved in someone else’s program. I should not be getting too comfortable, thinking that I have conquered the “letting go” part. I need to remember that I do not have all the answers. That is the job of a Power greater than I am, and if I decide not to listen, I am nudged a little harder and reminded that there are many more lessons where those came from!

Thought for Today: My Higher Power is there to teach me and remind me that I have to “Let Go and Let God.” I am powerless over everyone but myself.“I am still learning about the major themes of my recovery – patience, judgment, isolation and detachment.” ~ Paths to Recovery