When living in the chaos of addiction, I find that I have trouble making decisions from the simplest to the biggest issues that life throws at me; the issues that will affect my family’s well-being and my own. Recently, my eighteen-year-old daughter, who is an addict, found herself in a crisis situation. This caused her addiction to escalate and her attitude and actions to become unbearable. Before coming to Nar-Anon, I would have found myself being drawn into the confusion, allowing her unacceptable behavior to continue. I was afraid to make a decision, afraid to ask her to leave, afraid of the outcome and how she would react.

From Nar-Anon, I am learning that my Higher Power will take care of things. I will wait for direction. I believe my Higher Power will put me where I should be. I believe I can ask my Higher Power to lead me, and I believe I will be shown if I am going the wrong way. I wait for a clear answer because sometimes no decision is better than the wrong decision.

Thought for Today: Addiction is a family disease. It takes many forms and affects not only the addict. I can make a decision on how to handle these problems with the help of my Higher Power and my Nar-Anon program.

“At the start of each day I can make the decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God.” ~ Courage to Change