The topic of discussion at my meeting last night was “turning the corner.” I immediately thought of turning the corner in the future. In other words, what will the disease of addiction bring into my life? What trials will I be dealing with? How will I respond to whatever is just around the corner? Will I be able to handle a crisis?

I heard from a member that this topic elicited thoughts on the corners he had turned since attending meetings. Another member said that after listening to others, she realized that when she finally set boundaries and enforced them, the weight of the world was lifted from her shoulders. I can empathize with her as I, too, have felt that the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders when I began to get a grip on my anger.

I realized that our meetings are a safe haven for me, because despite the best intentions of family and friends, they do not understand the disease of addiction as well as the members of Nar-Anon. The topic last night made me realize that I have turned many corners since attending meetings. To me, future corners are not a concern anymore because I am learning the simple slogan Just for Today.

Thought for Today: Nar-Anon meetings are a safe place where I can come and share about my fears and sorrows without feeling ashamed of them. I believe this is a powerful healing tool! Every day I thank my Higher Power for the wonderful program of Nar-Anon.

“If you don’t run your own life, somebody else will.” ~ John Atkinson