When I discovered my loved ones were addicted to drugs, I felt great sadness. I felt as though I would never be happy again. The joy was gone from my life. Then I started to attend Nar-Anon meetings. In these rooms, I found others in similar situations and they still had joy in their lives. As I practiced my program, keeping the focus on my recovery and myself, I began trusting my Higher Power, and once again began experiencing joy.

I enjoy sitting in my backyard watching the butterflies. It is peaceful, and it always seems that I see the same brown and white butterfly. When it came today, I felt calm, as though it was playing with me. It would flutter and swoop around the yard, come towards me, then fly up and back again three or four times. I was giggling like an eight year old.

Next time you see a butterfly, take a moment to think about your Higher Power. Feel the love, thank a Power greater than yourself for something, and acknowledge this gift was from that power. It might bring a smile to your soul.

Thought for Today: I am grateful for the peace and serenity I am finding as I learn to release the addicts with love, one day at a time, and cease trying to change them. I am grateful for the guidance that helped me to find my way here. I pray for those still alone and in pain because of the addiction of a friend or loved one. Please help them to find their way to these rooms, so that I may give back the gifts I have been so freely given as well as a chance to share my experience, strength and hope with those suffering the isolation caused by living with an addict. As I try to reach out to others, may I be ever mindful of our traditions. I am trusting in my Higher Power’s love and concern for me and the addicts.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson