Before discovering Nar-Anon, I was fairly certain that I had all the answers when it came to knowing how to stop the addict from using drugs. Of course, I tried everything from anger to threats, from manipulation to acquiescence, all in the hope that the addict would change. Never before in my life did I think I needed assistance from others to reach a goal. Reaching goals either came naturally to me, or through hard work and persistence. Now here I was, helpless in saving the addict in my life. It was only when all my actions failed that I began to realize that I needed help. That was the beginning of humility for me, to realize that I also needed outside help, either from other people in Nar-Anon or from my Higher Power, or both. One day at a time, I gave up my self-sufficiency and came to discover humility in every step, in every slogan and even in every tradition in Nar-Anon. I also discovered that the biggest obstacles to my progress were my weaknesses of character, pride, impatience, intolerance, expectation, anger, and the necessity to control others. When I work the Nar-Anon program, I find that I no longer need to have all the answers to all the questions.

Thought for Today: Humility means to surrender to God’s will, not to a destructive and shameful way of life.“Humility gives me back the capacity of seeing with clarity without distorting myself spiritually or emotionally.” ~ Today a Better Way