It took me a long while to embrace the hope that is offered in Step Two. What little belief in a Higher Power I had had been severely shaken by the disease of addiction. I had prayed and prayed that God would make the addict in my life stop using, as I was sure that would solve all our problems. I had never prayed for anything before so I assumed that God would accommodate. When it did not happen, then I gave God an ultimatum. If the addict does not stop using, then I know that God does not exist. When, in desperation, I started coming to Nar-Anon meetings, I was reluctant to accept this step, as I was still angry about not getting my prayers answered. I had serious doubts about the existence of a Higher Power; after all, the addict had not even slowed down. Then I heard what other members had to say. I heard them speak of the group being their Higher Power at first. I heard that this step was about the belief that I could be restored to sanity, that it was not about the addict using. With just that much, I was able to find the hope that I could be happy again and that these steps could work for me, if I worked them.

Thought for Today: By working on Step Two, I found hope in my life again. Accepting that there was a Higher Power, whether it is a spiritual presence or simply the power of the Nar-Anon group, was comforting. I knew I was no longer alone and my life could return to sanity regardless of addiction.

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” ~ Christopher Reeve