I never realized I was lonely and isolated before coming to Nar-Anon. I spent days by myself because I did not think anyone would understand me or the problems I was living with. I started working the Nar-Anon program, applying the steps to my problems and things started to improve. I became involved in service work and stopped isolating. I now realize that I was never really alone. I always had a Higher Power. With this knowledge I now can be physically alone, but not lonely. I can always share my thoughts, troubles, and joys with my Higher Power.

I was at the bottom of a mountain recently and as I looked up, I began to cry. I realized something inside me was changing. I was becoming more outgoing, more accepting and laid back. Today, not much robs me of my serenity. I continue to stay involved in the Nar-Anon program and do service work. People from Nar-Anon have become very special to me. I can receive and give love more freely today and I laugh more than I did in years past.

Thought for Today: Once I accepted that I had a Power greater than myself, I realized that I was never truly alone. Recognizing my powerlessness freed me from believing everything was my responsibility. It is funny how my kids are now the parents and I am the free spirit.“And when I do get lonely, I have the comfort and support of a Higher Power who never leaves me.” ~ Courage to Change