The Nar-Anon shared experience has assisted me in healing my weak points and recognizing my assets. Working Step Four is difficult, but necessary, in this evolving process.

My character defects have held me in bondage for too long. I accepted bad behavior from people who I love because I was unable to set appropriate boundaries. I chose the victim role of the shame-blame game. It was exhausting and drained my energy. I became ready for a change. This meant I had to start looking at myself for answers. It was time to get off the pity pot and stop asking “why me?”

My past errors in judgment do not define me. They are part of my learning process. My guilt and shame can only hold me back if I allow it. These feelings cannot control or haunt me as long as I use the honesty tool of recovery. I now have the courage to look at my weaknesses, talk about them, and strengthen them. My energy is being restored. My character defects are evolving into personality assets. A healthy outlook is now as much a part of me as the painful past.

I am learning how to balance my life with a new vision. Life is a tapestry of many threads. They complete a life portrait that is all me! I recognize my gifts. I am okay! God did a good job. I am my own masterpiece. I feel whole again – almost. Well, it is a process.

Thought for Today: Recovery is about growing up and now is a good time to get started.

“If you do not ask yourself what it is you know, you will go on listening to others and change will not come because you will not hear your own truth.” ~ Saint Bartholomew


    • Hi. Thanx for making contact. Nar-Anon had a group in Hermanus. Due to lack of local support, the group stopped operating. You do have another option though. We have an active on-line meeting service operating during the Covid pandemic period. These online meetings are held Mon to Sat. For more information, please refer to the Meetings Menu and go to On-Line Meetings for all the details to access.

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