I experienced great sadness when I lost my husband after a long illness. I grieved for a long time and I often thought I would never be able to get beyond my sorrow, and feel peace and happiness again. However, the healing process was working even when I was unaware of it. I was able to release my grief by journaling, meditation and with the support of my Nar-Anon group. Someone said that they had used the Nar-Anon program to help them through their grief when they had lost their loved one to addiction. They allowed me to share my feelings of loss and I began to recover.

On a recent camping trip in the mountains, I had a great day writing and meditating. Later, as I walked in the woods, I came upon a deer. She was so beautiful and so close I could have touched her. There were no pine trees or flowers in this particular area, and it was not a place where you would normally see a hummingbird, yet one flew right up to me. I cannot explain the feeling of peace I had at that moment. My daughter always said her father would come back as a hummingbird! I took this particular bird as a sign from him that it was okay to let go and get on with my life. Since that day, I have had happiness and peace in my life.

Thought for Today: My Higher Power has given me the gift of healing. Through prayer and meditation, I find that I can heal the wounds of losing a loved one and the effects of addiction. I can find peace and serenity.

“We hope to give you the assurance that no situation is too difficult and no unhappiness is too great to be overcome.” ~ Nar-Anon Blue Booklet