Prior to recovery, I found myself in dangerous and insane situations. More than once, I put myself, or other family members, in immediate danger by going into a known drug area to retrieve the addict’s car. At the time, I thought this was the sensible thing to do, because the addict needed the car for work. Was this the act of a sane person? Step Two talks about sanity. I felt I was the sane one in my house and that the addict was the insane one. I was the person that was holding everything together, by ensuring the addict had a car so he would not lose his job. How else would the bills be paid? I now realize I had an active part in the insanity. I participated and even helped my loved one continue to use and to be a happy addict. When I started practicing Step Two, I felt a great burden had been removed from my shoulders. I discovered that I could rely on my Higher Power and accept the outcome of any situation without question. What a great relief!

Thought for Today: I no longer have to rescue the addict. I can let the addict assume responsibility for each consequence of his using.

Today, more than ever, we need to pray….for the light to know the will of God…..for the love to accept the will of God….for the way to do the will of God.” ~ Mother Teresa