Humility was a tough concept for me to understand. I confused it with humiliation. I learned that humility is the quality of being modest or respectful. I learned that humiliation is the feeling or condition of being lessened in dignity or pride, the act of damaging somebody’s dignity or pride.

Before Nar-Anon, I tried to control and manipulate others through humiliation. I was not respectful of others. I foolishly saw myself as smarter and more capable than others. I felt that I had all the answers and therefore others should listen to me. These attitudes led me to more self-defeating behaviors. When my attempts to control others failed, I became angry and hurtful.

By practicing humility, I realize that I am not above others in a position of power, nor are others above me. I have no right to control, judge or hurt those that do not agree with me. Humility also frees me to be respectful of myself. Now that I understand humility, I no longer sit in judgment of others or allow others to judge me. I am kinder to myself as well as more accepting of my shortcomings. When I encounter a problem I cannot solve, I humbly ask for guidance from my Higher Power. I do this with respect. I do not beg and think of myself as inferior because I cannot solve this problem. I merely ask and wait for the answer.

In Nar-Anon, I have learned that humility is freeing. When I practice humility and turn my will over to the care of a Power greater than myself, I open myself to great possibilities. I accept that my Higher Power is in charge. I let it be my guiding force. I respect that others can do the same, and that decision is between them and their Higher Power. I remove myself from the need to compare myself to others and to judge. I can respect all.

Thought for Today: GOD is a great acronym for Good Orderly Direction. Today I will humbly turn my will over to a Power greater than myself and follow that direction.

“Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can’t imagine.” ~ Kathleen Norris