How ironic it is that it seems to be okay for women to cry, but it is not okay for men to cry. I say ironic because in my family, I am the one who wears my heart on my sleeve. My wife will not attend meetings because she says, “all I will do is sit there and cry”! I cry or tear up when I hear Taps played at a veteran’s funeral. I cry when there is a happy ending to a film. I cry when I hear the “Star Spangled Banner” sung. I cry when I think too much about the addict. I accept my wife’s reason for not wanting to attend Nar-Anon meetings, but for me letting go of my emotions and pain is good! I accept my wife’s reluctance to speak about the addict in our life, yet I find that speaking and crying helps me accept the disease of addiction better. I am able to accept the fact that I have no control, and thus have no expectations. For me, releasing emotions is part of the natural healing process. My Higher Power knows the hurt, pain, and other emotions that go along with my loving an addict. I have been attending Nar-Anon meetings on a regular basis. When I share at a meeting, my pent up steam and emotions are not as ferocious as they once were. I attribute this to my practicing the principles of Nar-Anon. I benefit from listening to the stories of others and feeling the strength I receive from them.

Thought for Today: Attending meetings regularly is my strength and hope. The emotional release that I get allows me to move forward with my recovery.

Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle