If I indulge in negative thinking, I work myself into anxieties about things that may never materialize. This behavior results in wasted worries and possible ill effects on me. I know my peace and serenity certainly suffer. Why is it then that I still contemplate fearful thoughts? Can I not let go? Can I not begin to trust? So what if the addict relapses? Have I not relapsed in some of my own shortcomings?

When I find myself indulging in negative thinking, I use the tools of my Nar-Anon program. I call my sponsor or another member and talk about my worries to release my fear. I read my Nar-Anon literature. I remind myself that I cannot see the future and that worry never stopped or prevented something from happening. I then turn my worries over to my Higher Power and tell myself, it would be better if I stay in the here and now. I must let go of the future and the rest of the world.

Thought for Today: I must live one day at a time, as tomorrow is not promised to me. Therefore worrying about tomorrow and what-ifs will not bring peace and serenity to my life. Creating attitudes that show my sincerity towards others and trust in my Higher Power will bring me what I want, a balanced existence away from the fearful ups and downs of obsessive worry and fear.Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” ~ Benjamin Franklin