It would be so nice if I could take these Twelve Steps one at a time – in perfect order – and then never have to take them over again. If they were so ingrained in my spiritual, physical and emotional being that they were a total part of me, there would be no more worrying, no more anxiety, fear, or resentments.

The first three steps are the awareness and acceptance steps: I have admitted that I am powerless; I came to believe that there is a Power greater than myself; and I know that I need to turn my will and my life over to this Higher Power. I believe that my Higher Power can help me if I help myself. Next are the action steps four through nine: I have taken my inventory, admitted my shortcomings and I am entirely ready to have God remove them. My amends have been made. Finally, we come to the last three steps, the maintenance steps. Without these I would stop learning and growing. Without these last three steps, I could not pass the message of recovery on to others. That in itself is one of the most important aspects of the Nar-Anon program.

Recovery is a never-ending process. I will always have addicts in my life, whether they are clean or not. I have come to realize that this program offers me a way of life that I never imagined was possible.

Thought for Today: My happiness today does not depend on the happiness of others. I am grateful for the addicts in my life, which led me to this path of discovering myself.“May the storms of life be gentle showers and the light of God’s love shine brightly upon your pathway.” ~ As We Understood