“A breakdown paves the way to a breakthrough” is a quote shared by a Nar-Anon member from her therapist, which sums up my journey toward detachment with love and respect. My learning curve of many, many lessons, not mistakes, bruised my ego enough that I could finally understand and accept emotional detachment. It was not a happy time, although in retrospect, I can see it as my breakdown and an honest beginning of my breakthrough recovery in Nar-Anon.

I often hear the comment, “the addict has to reach bottom” and I can relate this to my own bottom, my own breakdown. Once I could understand, believe, and accept that I had to change, I could truly find enlightenment. For me, detachment is the key to success as it says in one of our Nar-Anon pamphlets. I continue to find new meaning in every word, phrase, and sentence of our literature and in the open sharing at the Nar-Anon weekly meetings.

Thought for Today: A Power greater than me has responded to my willingness by giving me the motivation to keep coming back and to keep learning.

“Be on the lookout for mercies. The more we look for them, the more of them we will see… Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles.” ~ Maltbie D. Babcock