I am practicing detachment with love, and it is helpful to me. I no longer stay up nights worrying about my daughter sleeping in alleys. I no longer obsess about where she is at any given time. I no longer worry about my phone ringing at three in the morning, advising me she is in jail again. My heart goes out to my daughter when she calls to tell me she is hungry, but because of my Nar-Anon program, I no longer have to drop everything and rush out to buy her a meal. All of this is painful to me but I am learning how to deal with it. I know that when I detach from the addict’s drama, I improve my life, as well as hers…


*The Daily Reading is an extract from the SESH Book which forms part of Nar-Anon’s official literature.  To order this book and others, please use this link. 

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