When I first came to Nar-Anon, I was a decision-making mess. For over five years, I had lived with my husband’s drug use and the mental, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse that came with it. It was easier to let him make all the decisions in our lives because if he was happy then we were all happy. The abuse seemed normal to me, but our four young children were so innocent and vulnerable. Many times, I thought I could take no more but it wasn’t until I joined Nar-Anon that I realized that not only could I make decisions on my own, but that I would make one decision and stick to it. My children and I would not live with active addiction. By working my Nar-Anon program and with the help of my Nar-Anon friends, I was able to make that one basic but oh so hard decision that has changed my life. My Nar-Anon friends helped me each step of the way to be a stronger and better mother for my children. Each day I am learning to make decisions. Though sometimes it is still not easy to make those life-changing decisions, I know that with Nar-Anon and my Higher Power, all things are possible.

Thought for Today: With the support and love I receive from my Nar-Anon group, I can begin to take control of my life and do what is right for my loved ones and me. Today, I know that I can make a decision.

The wishbone will never replace the backbone.” ~ Will Henry