I believe that someone with an active addict in his or her life must have invented Caller ID.

Before attending Nar-Anon, I did not know I had a choice. I thought I had to do whatever was asked of me. Not to do so was being self-centered and selfish. I was in graduate school receiving collect calls from my brother who was active in his disease. He was supporting his drug habit by robbing banks. He was caught and went to prison. I thought I had to take all of his calls, no matter the time of day or night, no matter what was going on in my life.

I started attending Nar-Anon and I learned that I had choices. I could take care of myself and not feel responsible for my brother’s circumstances. One of the ways I started taking care of myself was to get Caller ID. I did this so I could screen my calls and decide whether to accept the addict’s calls or not. I did this for me, and it is unimportant whether the addict knew or knows that I am screening my calls. The Nar-Anon program teaches me that I have choices. I can decide to continue to help the addict or I can decide not to help the addict.

Thought for Today: I have choices. I can take responsibility for my actions and well-being. I am not obligated to do things for others that I do not want to do or are harmful to me in any way. Taking care of me is not selfish. Today I choose to live my life by putting my Higher Power first, then me, then others.

“Our most important focus during times of stress is taking care of ourselves. We are better able to cope with the most irregular circumstances; we are better able to be there for others, if we’re caring for ourselves.” ~ Melody Beattie