In our local Nar-Anon region, we have an annual event called a Narathon, which is similar to a convention. At the Narathon, members from several meetings gather to hear speakers share their experience, strength and hope. It is always a wonderful way for me to connect with other Nar-Anon members outside my regular group. I have attended Narathons for the past three years, and each time I experienced exactly what I needed. This year was no exception, but I did receive a blessing in an unfamiliar form.

I was asked if I would speak at the Narathon. My immediate answer was, “Yes.” Shortly after confirming I would speak, I was surprised that doubt crept into my mind. Could I do it? Could I get up there and share my story? I know I always heard what I needed from the speakers, so why did I worry? I am so grateful for the program. I reminded myself how far I had come and that talking about the past and the reason I came to Nar-Anon would not magically turn me back into the old me, the person without the program. I turned to my Higher Power’s wisdom and asked for the courage to let the outcome be as it may. I knew that regardless of what I said, or how I said it, it would be exactly as it should be.

After it was all said and done, I was so encouraged to find that others did indeed identify with my story. The Narathon is a great event and I am so grateful to those in service who lend their help to ensure it happens every year.

Thought for Today: Just speak up. Someone will get value from your experience, strength and hope.

“One’s pain is one’s own creation.” ~ Dalai Lama