One morning I found myself crouched on our front porch steps. All the lights were out inside and outside of the house. I was watching the cottage next door for half the night while my husband was crouching in our car with a gun and a rifle. This was when I finally had to admit to myself that I could not protect my addicted son twenty-four hours a day. A drug dealer was after him. The stress of having to move to another residence, coupled with a breakup with his girlfriend, sent my son veering out of control and acting as if he was having a nervous breakdown. I finally decided to join Nar-Anon and found the help I needed. At my first meeting, I heard other members share their pain and successes. It was with great relief that I heard for the first time the three Cs: “I didn’t cause it, I can’t control it, and I can’t cure it.” I repeated that phrase in my head over and over again in the following weeks. Another precious piece of information I received that evening was that I could only change myself. I embraced that one thought and felt an overwhelming weight lifted from my shoulders. I now understand that for my son to recover and have a chance to gain wisdom, strength and confidence in his decisions, I need to get out of his way as he experiences the ups and downs of his everyday life. I continue to remind myself that “I didn’t cause it; I can’t control it; and I can’t cure it.”

Thought for Today: I will work my program because I now know I can only change myself. I must step aside and allow the addict to deal with the consequences of his using and get out of God’s way.“Do you prefer that you be right, or that you be happy?” ~ A Course in Miracles