My adult son was college educated, had a good job, a car, and his own apartment. Due to his addiction, he lost everything and was forced to live on the streets where he witnessed some really bad situations. He encountered a young, homeless girl, who was also an addict, suffering a miscarriage in a public washroom. She begged him to help her. He did what he could but both she and the baby died. This lifestyle was very different from how he was raised. He grew up in a sheltered, although average suburban environment, where he was shielded from this type of reality.

Later he was arrested, and spent a month in jail. He was then sentenced to a year in drug rehab. The doctors, who examined my son, before he was admitted to the treatment center, diagnosed him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), similar to the shell shock of soldiers and others who have gone through horrifying events. He is now seeing a psychologist for the PTSD that he incurred while he lived on the streets.

It hurts me so much to see the addict suffer, but this seemingly cruel and harsh experience may have actually been a lifesaver for the addict and to everyone who loves him. I learned in my Nar-Anon program, that I enable because I do not want to see my addicted love one suffer. I cannot bear to see him in pain so I try to fix everything. In doing so, I am standing in the way of those experiences that may be what the addict needs to find the courage to change.

Thought for Today: My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is struggling with similar issues and with their own loved ones, whether they are parents, spouses, children, or friends. You are not alone but among true friends who understand as few others can.

“Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.” ~ Christina Baldwin